2008-09 PLAYER PROFILES    
    Francisco Ahumada

“Franny” spent last season improving his game on our junior varsity team and is excited about the opportunity to contribute to the varsity team this season. He is long, has good shooting range, and possesses some of the most deceptive and productive offensive moves in our entire program. He brings cohesiveness to our team and program.

    Matt Alvarado

Matt is entering his first year as a varsity player. He is the type of player that a coach just seems to need on the floor. There is no “flash” to his game - just results. He is one of those players that has a knack for getting to the ball. He will continually get the team extra possessions by coming up with offensive rebounds and loose balls. He plays within himself and fills his role on the team excellently.

    Kody Boyle

Kody Boyle loves basketball and is a hard working player. Since entering our program as a freshman, he has willingly participated in all that has been asked of him. He developed his skills as a point guard on our junior varsity team last year and we expect him to continue to develop those leadership and decision making skills as a member of our varsity team this year.


Elliott Clark

Elliott is beginning his third year on the varsity team. No doubt… he is an explosive player who is capable of lighting up the scoreboard with an array of jump shots and moves to the basket. Elliott is one of our vocal leaders and he sets high expectations for himself and his team. Congratulations to Elliott as he signed his letter of intent to play basketball at University of California San Diego (UCSD) next season.



Dominique Long

Dominique is new to our program and to Gilbert High School. He is an extremely quick and explosive player who can finish at the rim with “enthusiasm.” We are all excited to see what kind of player he can be in the Tiger system and to see how he can fit within our team.


Eric Donzella

Eric is entering his second year as a point guard on our varsity team. He has worked himself into being one of the better defensive players on our team. Eric is a steady player who is at his best in the open court. He is excellent at breaking down defenses and finding teammates for quality shots. As our primary playmaker, we look for Eric to lead our team both on and off the court.


Michael Holden

Michael is the unsung hero of our team. He was a dark horse last year when he made our junior varsity team after not having played for us as a freshman or sophomore. He has continued to work hard, be responsible, and has earned his spot on our team this year by being a coachable player who just goes out and gives his best effort.


Austin James

Austin is entering his first season as a varsity player. He steadily earned himself more playing time on our junior varsity team last year and has continued to make progress throughout the summer and fall. He has good size, a solid perimeter shot, and is working very hard every day.


Shawn King

Shawn is a physically gifted and hard working athlete. After being a key bench contributor last season, he will be looked upon to do just about everything for us this season. Shawn possesses a solid offensive game, highlighted by his ability to draw contact and finish at the basket. His physical presence will be a key to helping us play solid defense this season.


Seth Taylor

There is only one word that can do justice when attempting to describe Seth as a basketball player- warrior! His constant energy, hustle, and unselfishness provide the spark that lights our team’s fire. In is his first year as a varsity basketball player, you can expect that he will give Tiger fans all that he has and more. In fact, if you are sitting in the front row and a loose ball comes your way, look out!


Vince Guido

Vince is the only sophomore on our team. He has truly earned an opportunity at a spot on our team by being a dedicated student of the game who is most importantly coachable. Vince is a gutsy, hard-nosed defender. He is a competitor. The entire coaching staff looks forward to watching him progress this season and in the years to come.