2007-08 PLAYER PROFILES    
    Francisco Ahumada

Francisco will see time on both our junior varsity and varsity teams this season. Francisco is long, has good shooting range, and possesses some of the most deceptive and productive offensive moves in our entire program.

    Chris Barlow

Chris is an excellent outside shooter and was a key contributor to our junior varsity team’s success last year. He is an intelligent player and we expect him to bring an element of maturity to our varsity team.

    Daniel Carter

DC is beginning his third year on the varsity team. Danny is a tough competitor who does a little bit of everything for us. He defends, he rebounds, he executes on offense. He is not afraid to sacrifice his body for the team. We expect Danny to be a major contributor to our success this year from both a statistical and leadership standpoint.


Elliott Clark

Elliott is beginning his second year on the varsity team. No doubt - he is an explosive player who is capable of dominating his opponents both offensively and defensively. He is an extremely effective and aggressive on ball defender and is one of our more vocal leaders. Elliott expects a lot of himself and so should you.



Daryl Clarke

Daryl has some incredible physical tools as far as high school basketball is concerned. His has the height and length of a high school “post player,” yet handles and shoots the ball like a guard. He got his first taste of varsity basketball in his sophomore year and we expect him to meet the lofty expectations set for him this season.


Eric Donzella

Eric is entering his first season as a varsity player, as he spent all of last season continuing to develop his skills as a point guard on our junior varsity team. He has indeed developed those skills this past off season and will be relied upon heavily to carry the playmaking load on our varsity team.


Brandyn Farrell

Brandyn or “Birdie” is entering his first season on the varsity team. Brandyn is the type of player that forces a coach to find time for him on the court because he is smart, doesn’t make many mistakes, and simply finds a way to get things done. He is a “tough as nails” competitor.


Elliot Fletcher

Elliot is entering his second season on the varsity team. Last season he earned the right to start for us by being a consistent offensive threat in the post. “Fletch” is a very skilled offensive player with untapped physical skills. Tiger fans can expect us to get on his shoulders from time to time this season - we expect him to willingly carry the load!


Shawn King

Shawn is a physically gifted and hard working athlete. He began this season on our junior varsity squad and did an excellent job for that team. Just prior to the holiday break it was decided that Shawn had the talent and drive to contribute to our varsity squad. Since joining the varsity team he has been a solid contributor off of our bench, adding needed ball handling, play making, scoring, and size. We look forward to seeing Shawn develop in our program in the coming years.


Quincy Lee

Quincy is an outstanding athlete with an uncanny knack for making steals by playing passing lanes and simply taking the ball from his opponent. Tiger fans can always expect a complete and total effort from him.


Tait Neilson

Tait is a physically gifted athlete. His vertical leap and raw strength make him a necessary component for us to be successful. Tait saw time on both the junior varsity and varsity last season and we expect him to bring an element of toughness around the basket for our team.


Colin O’Brien

If there ever was a do everything player, Colin is it. On and off the court, he leads our team by example for the second season in a row. He is an extremely smart player who can be thrown into duty at basically any position and be expected to succeed through sheer guts alone.


Kevin Soliz

Kevin is the “rock” of our team. Kevin does all that we ask of him and then does more. He is not afraid to throw his body around against bigger players. He will get on the floor for loose balls. He will take a charge. This is Kevin’s second year on the varsity team and we expect, as usual, for it to be a solid and consistent one.


Jon Stevens

Jonny is a streaky and clutch perimeter shooter and generally a fearless player. His strongest asset as a player is his mental toughness and his willingness to rebound on the defensive end of the floor. As he enters his second season with the varsity team, we expect Jon to be a big part of our success.