2009-10 PLAYER PROFILES    
    Matt Alvarado

Matt, a captain, is entering his second season on the varsity. A couple of months ago Matt unfortunately acquired a spinal virus that has limited his use of his right arm. Matt continues to rehab this injury and sees gradual improvement everyday. Matt is one of those “glue” guys that every team needs to be successful and someone is going to have to fill this huge hole until he recovers. Matt is the ultimate leader and communicator and our team is inspired by his work ethic everyday in and out of practice.

    Kody Boyle

Kody is entering his first year as a varsity player. He spent last year on the junior varsity developing his skills as the point guard. Kody knows our system very well and always plays within himself. He loves to play the game of basketball and is willing to do what is needed to make the team better. Look for Kody to help run this year’s varsity team by making good decisions at the point position.

    Erik Crawford

Erik is one of two sophomores on our varsity team this season. Erik has been around Gilbert basketball as long as I can remember. His basketball IQ is excellent and his basketball skills continue to improve daily. Erik always plays within himself and understands our system very well. Look for consistent play on both ends of the court from Erik this season.


Stuart Dougherty

Stuart is a junior and this is first year on the varsity. Stuart is one of the Tigers hardest workers and continually improves and makes his teammates better in practice everyday. There is no flash in Stuart’s game, but regularly makes the correct play and understands our system well. Look for Stuart to provide some stability when on the court.



Vince Guido

Vince, a junior, starts his second season as a varsity player. Since the end of last year Vince has taken the reigns of the point guard position. Vince is one of the smartest players that the Tigers have had in a long time and always seems to be in the correct spot on the floor. Vince does a nice job of facilitating the offense and he is the type of player that would rather pass to a teammate and watch him score rather than score himself. Look for Vince to be the lead guard for the Tigers this season.


Chance Howard

Chance is starting his first year on the varsity team and is learning a new position. Chance is going to help this year’s team by playing in the post, which is somewhat new to him. Chance loves to play the game of basketball and is willing to do what is needed to make the team better. Chance is not a typical back to the basket player, but does a good job of relocating and hitting jump shots. Look for Chance to continue to improve steadily as the year progresses.


Tanner Huggans

Tanner, a junior, played point guard on our junior varsity team last year. Tanner has a knack of making plays when he is on the court. He has the ability to shoot out past the three-point line and is crafty with the basketball in his hands. Look for Tanner to give the Tigers some ball handling and shooting off the bench as the season progresses.


Austin James

Austin, a captain, is entering his second season on the varsity team. The coaching staff believes Austin has improved tremendously both with his skills on the court and on his strength and conditioning. Austin is a good shooter of the basketball, has a very high basketball IQ and can defend both on the perimeter and bigger players in the trenches. Look for Austin to have a breakout season and be a major impact on the Tiger’s success.


Shawn King

Shawn, a captain, is starting his third season on the varsity team. Coming off a knee injury that sidelined him for the summer, Shawn looks primed to have a huge year. Shawn is a very good shooter of the basketball, physically strong enough to dominate in the paint and can be a facilitator of the basketball. Shawn is extremely competitive and makes his teammates around him better everyday. Look for Shawn to carry the Tigers throughout this season in all aspects of the game.


Michael Miguel

Michael is a senior this year and came new to us last season. Over the last year Michael has done a great job of learning our system and improving as a basketball player. Michael’s game is very deceptive and for his size shows athleticism on the court. When on the court, Michael is always looking to make a play for his team and is a great teammate.


Mitch Reber

Mitch is entering his first season as a varsity player. Mitch has some length and size, which makes him an effective defender. Mitch is also a good rebounder of the basketball, which is something Tigers are going to need heavily this season. Mitch has also shown the ability to shoot the basketball too, which will be much needed as our guards attack the paint

    Salim Salim

Salim is a senior and is entering his first season as a Tiger. Salim earned him a spot on the year’s team with his hard work, good attitude and his ability to shoot the basketball. Salim continues to do a good job of learning our system everyday in practice.


    Drew Stankiewicz

Drew, a junior, is a multi-sport athlete. Drew also plays football and baseball at Gilbert and gives the Tigers some toughness. He has a knack of making the “big play” when he is in the game. Drew is not great at one specific skill set, but very good at all aspects of the game and makes our team better when he is on the court. He is a leader and full of energy.


    Logan Tinker

Logan is a sophomore and was called up from the junior varsity after the Tigers lost some key players in the post this year. Logan is as tough-nosed as they come and does a good job of taking care of the little things that sometimes go overlooked. Look for Logan to provide some toughness in the trenches this year for the Tigers.


    James Wirthlin

James is a junior and enters his first year on the varsity. James is one of those players who does nothing flashy, but gets the job done night in and night out. He is a tough and gritty player who regularly sells out for the team. James is a bit undersized, but has the ability to guard bigger players by determination and will. Look to see James help the Tigers defensively and doing the little things to help the Tigers be successful.