2010-11 PLAYER PROFILES    
    Alphonso Crawford

 Phonsy spent last season improving his game on our junior varsity team and is excited about the opportunity to contribute to the varsity team this season as our starting 5 man. He is long, has good footwork in the paint and not only is Phonsy the Tigers best post defender he also might be one of the best perimeter defenders with his length and ability to move his feet. Not only does Phonsy rarely make a mistake on the court he knows our system at all five positions offensively and defensively. He brings cohesiveness and a tremendous amount of leadership to our team and program.

    Kendall Collins

 Kendall, a junior, is a physically gifted athlete. His vertical leap and raw strength alone puts himself in a position to be successful when on the court. Since his freshmen year Kendall has improved probably just as much as anyone in our program. Kendall had himself a great summer and has a knack for grabbing rebounds on both ends of the court. The coaches are excited to see Kendall continue to improve over this season and next.

    Stuart Dougherty

Stuart is entering his second year on the varsity team. He is the type of player that a coach just seems to need on the floor. Stuart is a vocal leader and rarely makes mistakes on either end of the court. Stuart has been in our program for four years and has steadily improved each year. He is one of those players that has a knack for getting to the ball. He will continually get the team extra possessions by coming up with offensive rebounds and loose balls. He plays within himself and fills his role on the team excellently.


Erik Crawford

 Erik is beginning his second year on the varsity team as he started for us last year as a sophomore. Erik is a tough competitor who does a little bit of everything for us. He defends, he rebounds and has a knack for making shots. He is not afraid to sacrifice his body for the team as he regularly takes charges. Erik is very intelligent both on and off the court and we expect Erik to be a major contributor to our success this year from both a statistical and leadership standpoint.



Vince Guido

Vince is entering his second year as the starting point guard on our varsity team and third year overall. He has worked himself into being one of the best defensive players on our team. Vince is a steady player who is good in the open court and also initiates our offense in the half court. He is good at breaking down defenses and finding teammates for quality shots and has developed the ability to score for us also. As our primary playmaker, we look for Vince to lead our team both on and off the court as he has proven to be a vocal leader.


Austin Harper

Austin is entering his first year on the varsity. Austin will be a very important piece to the Tigers this year as he looks to be our back up point guard. Austin is a dedicated student of the game who is most importantly coachable. He has worked as hard on his game as any other player in our program in the off season. Austin is a gutsy, hard-nosed defender. He is a competitor. The entire coaching staff looks forward to watching him progress this season and next.


Conner Helvig

 Conner is the only sophomore on our varsity team this season. Conner's basketball IQ is excellent and his skills continue to improve daily. Conner understands our system very well and just seems to make plays when he is on the court. As Conner gets stronger physically his game will take off and the coaching staff is excited to see him develop over the next few years.


Larz Huerta

 - Larz, a senior, is back in the Tiger's basketball program as he played for us as a freshmen. Larz is a very intelligent student and the same goes for when he is on the court. Larz always plays within himself on the court and just seems to not make mistakes on the court. Larz is a very dependable player and the coaching staff is looking for Larz to provide some stability and leadership to our varsity team.


DJ Hurd

  DJ is a junior and this is his first year on the varsity. DJ understands our system well and has been part of Gilbert basketball and its camps for as long as I can remember. There is no flash in DJs game - just results. When DJ is on the court he seems to always make the correct play on both sides of the ball. DJ is very competitive and look for DJ to provide some stability when on the court.


Freddie Lash

 Freddie is an athletic and hard working athlete. He began last season on our junior varsity squad and did an excellent job for that team. Just prior to the holiday break it was decided that Freddie had the talent and drive to contribute to our varsity squad. This year Freddie is going to add needed ball handling, play making and scoring for the Tigers. Freddie has worked hard on developing a consistent perimeter shot. We look forward to seeing Freddie develop in our program over the next two years.


Cody Martin

Cody is one of the best athletes on the varsity team. Cody's growth both physically and mentally has really come on strong over the last year. Cody is a strong player on the court who can really cause problems when defending the ball and getting in passing lanes. Cody is also a rebounding machine. When the ball is in the air Cody is all over it. Look for Cody to help the Tigers in many facets of the game including rebounding, defense and play making on the offensive end.


Jaz Montford

Jaz, a junior, loves basketball and is a hard working player. Since entering our program as a freshman, he has willingly participated in all that has been asked of him. Jaz has a very good outside shot and when he can get his feet set the ball usually finds the bottom of the net. As Jaz continues to get physically stronger he will see success in many other aspects of his game. Jaz is a very dependable player and student who will provide some stability on our team..


Mitch Reber

 Mitch is entering his second season as a varsity player. He steadily earned himself more playing time on our varsity team last year to the point where he started for us late in the season. He has continued to make progress throughout the summer and fall both on the court and in the weight room. Mitch has good size, a solid perimeter shot and is one of the better rebounders on both ends of the floor for us. Mitch continues to work hard and does whatever is needed for the Tigers.


Donte Robinson

  Donte spent last season improving his game on our junior varsity team and is excited about the opportunity to contribute to the varsity team this season. He is long, has good shooting range and he is a good quick jumper which allows him to grab boards that others just can't. Donte has been working on his post game as the Tigers are in need of some additional help in the trenches. He brings cohesiveness to our team and program.

    James Wirthlin

 James is a senior and enters his second year on the varsity. Not only has James been a part of our basketball program over his four years, he has also been on the football team, volleyball team and student council. There are truly not enough hours in the week for James. He is a tough and gritty player who regularly sells out for the team. At James' size he has the ability to guard bigger players by determination, will and technique. Look to see James help the Tigers defensively and doing the little things to help the Tigers be successful.