2011-12 PLAYER PROFILES    
     Anthony Bryant

 - Anthony is our only sophomore on the varsity this season. Anthony is improving on a daily basis. Offensively, Anthony will run the lead guard for us this season and is at his best when he has the ball in his hands in transition. If a teammate is open he will find him. Anthony is one of our best perimeter covers and has the ability to really activate the ball defensively. Anthony plays with a big-time motor - look for Anthony to give the Tigers some toughness when on the court.

    Josiah Claw

  - This will be Josiah's first season on the varsity as he spent his junior season on the JV developing. The coaching staff has been pleasantly pleased so far with Josiah's progress. He is a play-maker on the court. Josiah can knock down jumpers and take it to the paint and score with his strong frame. He also finishes well in transition. Look for Josiah to come off the bench this season and give the Tigers a huge spark.

    Erik Crawford

 - This will be Erik's third year on varsity as he started for us the past two years, leading the Tigers in points scored. Erik is a dead-eye shooter with unlimited range. He is also developing a mid-range game and has shown the ability to score with his back to the basket. Erik is not going to blow you away with athleticism, but is always two steps ahead of the game with his basketball IQ and instincts. Over the summer Erik showed us his ability to guard and rebound effectively in the post, which has helped tremendously. Erik is very soft spoken and dependable off the court and presently has a 4.5 GPA.


Austin Harper

 - Austin is entering his second year on the varsity. Austin transitioned from the point guard position to off the ball over the summer and his game has blossomed. Austin is a very gritty and competitive player who can guard multiple positions on the court. He ranks near the top on our team in charges taken. Offensively, Austin can knock down the open shot, but most impressively is his ability to run the court hard and score in transition. Look for Austin to be instant spark plug for the Tigers who plays fearlessly.



Conner Helvig

 - This will be Conner's first season on the varsity and he will split time at the lead guard position and off the ball too. Conner is another player in our program with a high basketball IQ. Conner just seems to see the play develop before it happens. Offensively, Conner is a very good passer and his timing gets his teammates open shots on a consistent basis. Conner also has the ability to knock down open shots and finish around the basket in traffic. Look for Conner to be a play maker for the Tigers this season when on the court.


DJ Hurd

 - This will be DJ's second season on the varsity. Last year as a junior, DJ really stepped up for the Tigers in the second half the season. On the court DJ might be the smartest player on the team. He just seems to make quality basketball plays on both ends of the court. The coaching staff is comfortable putting DJ in any situation at any position. Over the summer DJ showed us the ability to guard in the post which will be needed this season. DJ, along with many others on the team, is extremely competitive and is not afraid to mix it up on the court.


Freddie Lash

  - Freddie enters his third season on the varsity team. As a junior Freddie started many games at the off guard position. He is in good physical condition and can get off the floor very quickly. Freddie is known to be a good perimeter shooter, but he has also developed the ability to score off the dribble and with his athleticism he can play at the rim. Freddie has also recently seen success with offensive rebounding and getting to the 50/50 ball. Off the court Freddie is a joy to be around and he has a very soft spoken demeanor.


Cody Martin

  - Cody is starting his second year on varsity as he started for us last year at the off guard position. Cody, physically, has really developed over the last two years. He is our best athlete and offensive rebounder. Cody is extremely aggressive on both ends of the floor and when he lets the game come to him he most often dominates. Cody has the ability to excel in many facets of the game, including defense, rebounding, scoring and attacking in transition. Look for Cody to carry the Tigers this season in many facets of the game.


Zane Murrell

  - This will be Zane's second season on the varsity and he has improved greatly over the past three seasons. At 6' 10, Zane gives the Tigers a presence in the paint. He has the ability to alter many shots, rebound and get our transition game started. Offensively, Zane is developing a back to the basket game and has the ability to knock down a mid-range shot. Zane has worked extremely hard with his conditioning and in the weight room, which has given him more confidence when on the court. Zane is a great teammate and well liked on campus.


DeAndre Myles

 - Deandre is new to us this year from Milwaukee and is really fitting in nicely. Physically, Deandre is built like a rock. He has tremendous strength in his legs and core, which allows him to score and rebound in the paint effectively. He gets off the floor as quickly as anyone in our program. Deandre is also very effective at running and finishing in transition. Defensively, as Deandre continues to learn our system, he could be a huge weapon at defending the opposition’s scorers.


Tanner Reber

 - This will be Tanner's first season on the varsity. Tanner has developed nicely over the past two seasons, both on the court and physically. Tanner has the ability to shoot the basketball all the way out to the three point line and also has shown to be a shot maker around the basket at times. Defensively, Tanner has the ability to guard in the post as he has worked hard on this strength. Look for Tanner to give the Tigers steadiness on the court this season.


Maurice Thomas

 - This will be Mo's first year on the varsity. Mo has come a long way since his freshmen year. He played sparingly as a freshman, but developed to the point where he started many games for us this past summer. Mo has gone from an undersized post to a player that has the ability to shoot the three and take defenders of the dribble. Mo has a huge wingspan and can block and alter shots in the paint as well as anyone in our program. When focused, Mo plays with a good motor and a lot of contagious energy.


Sergio Valladolid

 - This will be Sergio's first season with the varsity. Sergio has a high basketball IQ and the coaching staff is comfortable and confident to put Sergio in any situation on the court. Sergio has really improved his outside shot over the past year and his physical conditioning has improved too. Sergio is best when he has the ball in his hand and he can get his teammates shots. Look for Sergio to give the Tigers a sense of calmness when on the court.