2012-13 PLAYER PROFILES    
  Eric Mosley

This is Ericís first year on the varsity team. Eric has grown about 6 inches in the last two years and has turned out to be one of the more athletic players in our program. Eric has the ability to do many things well for us on the court. His outside shot is improving every day, his length allows him to disrupt on defense, especially by blocking shots and he can be a slashing type player for us this year. Look for Eric to give the Tigers a bit of spark when on the floor.

  Maurice Thomas

Mo, a senior, is entering his second season as a varsity player. Mo decided to try football this year and did a nice job as he caught multiple touchdowns. He is also on the track team and does well in the triple-jump. On the basketball court Mo can do a little of everything. He can knock down jump shots, rebound the basketball and he loves to run the court in transition. Mo is also one of the best players in the program at taking charges. Mo is a high energy guy when on the court and when the opportunity presents itself look for one of Moís monster dunks.


  Spencer Nicolds

This will be Spencerís first year on the varsity, but we did pull him up to varsity last year for last yearís playoffs. Spencerís game is improving daily and is probably the best athlete on our team. His outside shot is improved to where he can make threes consistently. He has the ability to put the ball on the floor and can play above the rim. Spencerís long reach also allows him to swat shots on the defensive side of the ball. When Spencer is determined he can affect the game in multiple ways.

  Trevor Spires

This is Trevorís first year on the varsity as he ran the point guard position for our JV last year. Trevor will back up the lead guard position for us and also run some wing too. Trevor has a knack for making plays when on the court. His vision and passing are his strengths and he can get guys shots, especially in transition. Trevor has a great attitude and look for Trevor to be at his best in fast paced games.


  Conner Helvig

Conner, a captain this year, is entering his second season on the varsity where he started most games for us last year as a junior. Conner was also the starting QB this year on our football team and one of the better WR in the area. Conner is another high IQ player that can do multiple things for us on the court. Conner can score in a variety of ways, including threes, off the dribble, with his back to the basket and he is tough in transition. Conner also distributes the ball well and will find you if youíre open. Having Conner on the court is like having an extension of the coaching staff on the court. Look for Conner to carry us at times this year on both ends of the court.

  Tanner Reber

This is Tannerís second year on the varsity team. Tanner has developed nicely over his years in our program. Physically, Tanner is a strong kid which allows him to defend bigger post players if needed. Offensively, Tanner has developed a consistent shot out to the three point line and is very crafty around the basket. Tanner has a great work ethic and can truly be depended on at all times. Look for Tanner to give the Tigers steadiness and a sense of composure on both ends of the court.

  Zach Miller

This will be Zachís first year on the varsity team. Zach has worked very hard within our program the last two years and he is seeing the dividends. Zach is very intelligent and understands our philosophies very well. Zach isnít the most athletic player on the team, but makes up for that by knowing where to be on the court. Zach has also noticeably improved his outside shot over the last year. Zach is the ultimate teammate and is willing to do what is needed for the team to be successful.

  Wyatt Lowell

Wyatt is a freshmen and has been practicing with the varsity and showing the ability to compete at that level. Wyatt is very coachable and learns well for such a young player. Wyatt has good ball handling and shooting skills and standing at 6í 8 he is a very difficult player to match-up against. As Wyattís physical strength improves he could be very dangerous for the Tigers for many years.

  Tony Aranda

This is Tonyís first year on the varsity team. Tony has worked hard over the last two years on getting in better shape and on his game. Tony really has a nice, soft outside shot and can be a real threat from the three point line. Tonyís bigger frame also allows him to be effective in the paint both on the offensive side and with rebounding.

  Anthony Bryant

Anthony, a captain, is entering his second season as a varsity player as he started for us last year at the lead guard position as a sophomore. Anthony allows us to play at a fast pace and puts tremendous pressure on teams with his ability to push the ball in transition. He is the best distributor of the ball in the program and that Gilbert has had in a long time. Anthony is very strong and can get to the paint off the dribble almost at will. Defensively, Anthony is a warrior and pound for pound one of the toughest players on the team. He plays with a huge motor and activates the ball all the time. He is a one man press. Look for Anthony to have the ball in his hands this year running the show on the court. The coaching staff is counting on him to lead us all year.

  Andrew Poelman

This will be Andrewís first year on the varsity team. Andrew is a very quiet, low-keyed teammate that has been committed and has worked hard to make the varsity team this year. Andrew is surprisingly athletic and has the ability to play above the rim at times. Andrew is still learning the game and how to play within our system.

  Truman Moore

Truman is our only sophomore on the team and is new to us from Prescott, AZ. Truman gives the Tigers a real threat in the paint as a post player and someone who can guard other teamís bigs. Not only does Truman have a variety of post moves with his back to the basket he can also hit outside shots and handle it a bit too. With Trumanís rebounding and shot blocking ability he will help the Tigerís transition game be a major threat this year. Truman is another player who plays with a high motor and is one of the most vocal players on our team. You will definitely notice his energy when heís on the court.

  Sergio Valladolid

Sergio, a captain, is entering his second season as a varsity player. Sergio biggest strength as a basketball player is his mind. He has a high basketball IQ and always seems to be in the correct place on the court. The coaching staff truly believes we could put Sergio in the game at any position and minimal mistakes would be made. Sergio has developed his strength and conditioning nicely, which will allow him to guard some of the best perimeter players that we will face. There is not a lot of flash in Sergioís game, just results each night. Look for leadership from Sergio this year on and off the court.

   Ifeanyi Umunna

Ifeanyi is a senior this year and was part of program as a freshmen and sophomore. After his JV season Ifeanyi decided to concentrate on school and presently is ranked #3 in his class academically. Now as a senior Ifeanyi approached the coaching staff about the possibility of being our manager. Itís been a pleasure having Ifeanyi back as he has been a big help for our program.