2015-16 PLAYER PROFILES    

Connor LaGanke

This is Connorís senior year and second year on the varsity as he saw some action as a back-up point guard last year. He is competing for minutes at the lead guard position with two other teammates. Connor brings more of a finesse threat to the position as heís a good passer of the basketball, has range out to the three point line and understands our system very well. Look for Connor to bring a sense of calmness on the court as he leads the Tigers at the point guard spot.


Tyler Green

This is Tylerís second year on the varsity. Tyler was able to get experience last year by splitting time between the junior varsity and varsity teams. Tylerís athleticism has improved quite a bit over the last year and he always brings a spark to the team when on the floor. Look for Tyler to cause problems for other teams by providing defensive pressure, rebounding and tracking down loose balls and getting the Tigers out in transition


Chris Bowling

Chris, a senior and a captain, is now in his third year on varsity. Chris, as a junior last year, was selected to the first team in Section 2 by the coaches and holds a few college offers to play basketball, which he currently hasnít decided on yet. Chris is a great teammate both on and off the court and can be relied on by his teammates and coaches. Offensively, he has the ability to do a little of everything. Stretch the defense with his shot and score with his back to the basket. The Tigers will most definitely rely on Chris heavily all season long both on the court and as leader in our program and on campus.


Jacob Nicolds

This is Jacobís third year on varsity as he started for the Tigers last year as a junior and was brought up to the varsity team late in the season as a sophomore. Jacob simply is a problem for the opposition. Heís developed skills to score away from the basket, take defenders off the dribble and dominate smaller defenders in the paint. Jacob is the best defender and rebounder in the program too. Heís developing into a tremendous leader on the court and within our program and his positive energy around campus is infectious. Jacob is currently hearing from a few college programs and will be relied on to carry the Tigers all year long.


Nick LaMancusa

Nick, a junior, is entering his first year on varsity. Nick is competing for time at the lead guard position. Nickís game is not flashy, but simply, productive. Nick has a heady game and uses deception to beat his opponents. Nick may not be the loudest players on the court, but none are tougher. Look for Nick to bring steadiness to the Tigers and a complete team game when running the point guard position.


Caden Towt

This is Cadenís second year on varsity as he was on varsity last year as a sophomore. Caden is as tough as they get and simply gets the job done each and every night. Caden can do a little of everything. He will be called upon to handle the ball at times, heís a good passer and shooter of the basketball and will guard one of the other teamís best players each night. Caden, like many of our juniors, is very intelligent, tough and cares most about winning and his teammates.


Stevie Newendyke

This is Stevieís first year on varsity. Stevie is one of the best shooters in our program and really has the ability to stretch the other teamís defense. Besides shooting, Stevie is a very good passer of the basketball and his knowledge of how to play is very good. Stevie may not be the most athletic guy on the court, but more than makes up for that with his deception and anticipation. Look for Stevie to be a bit of a play-maker for the Tigers this year.


CJ Waters

CJ is new to the Tigers this year and heís been a pleasant surprise to say the least. CJ might be the best athlete on our varsity team and plays with an extremely high motor. CJ is what coaches like to call a ball hawk. Heís always around the ball. CJ is a great rebounder, shot blocker and itís hard for coaches to take him off the court as he does so many little things that helps the team be successful. Look for CJ to stuff the stat sheet in multiple areas of the game this year.


Matt Hogan

Matt, a junior, will be splitting time between the junior varsity and varsity. Matt continues to improve both with his skills on the court and his overall strength. Matt is and has always been very reliable and our coaching staff knows he will continue to improve. Look for Matt to bring steadiness when on the court.


Kaleb Hoyum

Kaleb, a junior, will be splitting time between the junior varsity and varsity programs. Kaleb has probably improved just as much if not more than any other player in our program over the last year. Heís worked hard on his conditioning and even more on his shot and it shows. The coaches are happy with his development both on and off the court.


Kyle Isaacson

Kyle, a junior, will be splitting time between the junior varsity and varsity programs this season. Kyle has a nice shot and has developed a pull up jump shot too. He can handle the ball and is deceptively quick. Kyle is a nicely skilled player and will continue to improve as his confidence and strength improve


Dylan Roach

Dylan is entering his first year on the varsity for the Tigers. Dylan is a strong wing that has the ability to really shoot the ball from deep. Dylan has really seen strides in his physical tools as the weight room work has paid dividends. Dylan has also shown the ability to score around the basket and by rebounding the ball. Look for Dylan to give the Tigers a spark when on the floor.

    Jack Plummer

Jack, a sophomore, will be splitting time both on the varsity and junior varsity. Jack is a natural leader and is as tough as they come. Jack, when on the court, has the ability to do a little of everything. Jack is one of those players that is difficult to take off the court as he plays with such a high motor
    Tyler LaGanke

Tyler, a sophomore, will be splitting time between both the varsity and junior varsity programs. Tyler will be running the point guard when on the court and he too brings a level of toughness and confidence when on the court. Tyler sees the game well as a point guard who can shoot it and pass it well. Tyler also is a natural vocal leader for the Tigers.
    Trajon Hawkins

Trajon is a sophomore and is entering his first year on varsity and in our program as he is new to us from Utah. Trajon will be competing at the lead guard position for the Tigers and is one of our better athletes on the varsity team. Trajon is a very tough kid and one of the Tigerís better defenders. The ball just seems to find Trajon when on the court. Trajon likes to push the ball up the court and has improved on his ability to shoot the basketball.